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Monday, September 27, 2010

Been a While

Absence sometimes just makes you forget. Alas with age come responsibility and the los of time. Have to much to say to complete in a single blog, more to follow. It the short term watch a movie.  Science stuff

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Human Genome Project

Very interesting.

YouTube - Interview with David Suzuki

"Profit and greed trump the future for our children and grandchildren"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yea Canada 14 Gold medals

Wow, what an Olympics. A world record numbe of Gold medals by a host country and a world record number of Gold medals at a Winter Olympics, and kudos to the States on the new world record for medal count at a winter Olympics. Closing ceremony, meh. I know what they were going for, a campy funny Canadian, look world we don’t take ourselves seriously but… I expected more ceremony. I did like however the causal and friendly lets all walk into the ceremony floor as buddies and all at once thing. Very Canadian. The actual lets laugh at ourselves, well great at an event but something as serious as the Olympics… Maybe that’s the point. Too much competition and tension, not enough lets have a beer and be buddies when it’s all over. The Olympics is a celebration of humanity and life and the spirit of community, over and above the competition. Maybe I just need to be reminded of that. Anyway, as campy as it was, stuffed beavers, Dancing Mounties, lumberjacks and canoes; I would have liked maple syrup poured over the lovely leaves, but hey, cant be perfect so just laugh at yourself and enjoy the short time we are here to do so.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Whisper of a Sibriex

A note from Greyaxe: This is not my work but I was asked to critique it. I think it’s just cool as Hell! (pun intended) For reference Google Sibriex, it’s a D&D Demon, so be prepared.....

The Whisper of a Sibriex
Written by Beth Kay, unknown date:

Bask in my perfection... of putrefaction
Witness the glorifying, horrifying gift I bring
Corrode your sense of humanity, give me your worship
I'll return this favor with fiendish grafts for thee

Peer into your sense of worth
Is it enough?
Of course not, fool, get on your knees
Apologize for such a bluff

Witness the dawning of a dying age
Cut these heathens down for me, I'll repay thee once again
Twist your soul, pervert your form, instill undying faith
Between you and me, we'll carve out new Obyrith lands

Just forget your sense of worth
It's just another lie!
All you must do is follow me
And end all these Tanar'ri lives

If enemies should prove too much, I'll cut them down to size
Use puckers and twitching tubes to shower them in blackened bile
Corrode their epidermis, make them bleed and scream
Animate my chains and pull them flailing to my gaping maw

Remember your lack of worth
Stare through adoring eyes
Upon this perfect form
Gargantuan in size

Across this vast Abyss, we'll usher in Obyrith reign
That plagues of insanity might issue forth to Mortal Realm
And enslave the human race much as I have enslaved thee
Now lighten up, another graft, to help you ease the pain